MySpace Marketing Manual

September 8, 2008

The MySpace Marketing Manual comes with 2 powerful manuals. The first manual teaches you the following:

1.Tactics on how to create a curiosity building profile.

2. Learn how to place targeted keywords in your profile for optimized search.

3.Engage your friends with viral trivia games and blog postings.

4. Learn how to send comments the right way without looking sleazy or spammy.

The 2nd manual shows you:

1. How to leverage MySpace to build your business.

2. Learn how to generate traffic from MySpace to your website or blog.

3. Learn how to generate targeted leads that always buy from you.

4. Clear do’s and don’t strategies to maximize your profile for full interaction with your network of friends, customers, or prospects.

These 2 manuals are a must if you plan on doing any kind of marketing on Myspace for lead generation, traffic building, and building a network of loyal paying customers.

2 MySpace Marketing Manuals ( MySpace Marketing Secrets & MySpace Marketing Tactics )